These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

These are a few of my favorite things

Timeless classics, sophisticated staples and architectural details.

Those are all a few of my favorite things.


These Are a Few of My Favorite Things


1 / 2 / 3 (currently 40% off!) / 4 (ridiculous SPLURGE, but THIS or THIS are similar) / 5 /

6  / 7 / 8 / 9 (can you believe this is a Fitbit?!) /10 /

11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15

When putting together this little round-up, I couldn’t help but sing the song from “The Sound of Music.” I love that movie, so apologies in advance, Dame Julie Andrews for desecrating your masterpiece with my terrible, horrible, that-was-totally-pitchy-‘dawg voice.

What are some of YOUR favorite things?




What to Pack for the Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Packing List

1) Tucker Floral-print silk-blend maxi dress / 2) J.Crew Soutache-embroidered chambray tunic / 3) J.Crew Factory Panama hat / 4) Madewell Linen Folktale Blouse / 5) Citizens of Humanity Daria Mini Skirt / 6) J.Crew Leila metallic ankle-wrap sandals / 7) Old Navy Women’s Circle-Print Bikini / 8) Mara Hoffman Pendleton Star-Print Beach Towel /9) Warby Parker ‘Banks’ Sunglasses / 10) Echo Design Striped Beach Tote / 11) Tory Burch Adonis Espadrille Wedges / 12) Coach Bleeker Felicia Perforated Crossbody Bag

The long weekend is SO close, I can almost taste it.  Wait… perhaps I am still tasting yesterday’s delicious ‘Dark & Stormy‘ adult beverage?  Regardless, although I’m staying put and hosting out of town guests this weekend, I couldn’t be more excited for the sunny days ahead.  Can you believe it- three days of sunshine, temps in the 70’s and weekend festivities!?  Yeah, I know. #toogoodtobetrue

For those of you packing your overnight bags, hopefully this post gave you a bit of patriotic inspiration.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

So, what are YOUR holiday weekend plans!?



Bathing Suits That Won’t Give You Wonky Tan Lines (For Lack of a Better Title!)

Tan Lines Header

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re having a great week.  If not, it’s Wednesday, so at least you’re halfway through! Lemonade out of lemons, people. Lemonade out of lemons…

Today’s post is a little bit real life, a little bit silly and a glimpse into what I think about on a random day.  Have any of you started bathing suit shopping for the season?  Our family weeklong retreat to Siesta Key, FL is right around the corner, so I’ve been paying extra close attention to new suits and styles hitting the store racks and websites.  While I’m generally on Team Bikini, the ties and strings don’t exactly sturdy bathing suits make… especially when two munchkins are hanging on you in the water.  As a precautionary nip-slip measure, I decided that maybe it was time to consider making a switch to Team One-Piece.  Simple solution, right?  Not exactly.

As soon as I started my virtual shopping, I realized that the one-piece styles were a one way trip to wonky tan lines that would plague me for months to come.  I’m not talking about those occasionally annoying strap lines that peek out over the top of a strapless dress.  Today’s bathing suit designs all seemed to straddle the line of dominatrix… straps, criss crosses, cut outs, plunges, fishnet and even a few zippers or two.  Basically, a normal day in the sunshine with one of these bad boys on and you’d look like a detailed roadmap no matter how much SPF 75 you slathered on.  Seriously, designers?! This issue did not cross your mind when you were adding a heart shaped bedazzled cutout over the navel area of the suit you created?!  It seems that the desire to shift the public’s regard for the one-piece from “Mom Suit” to “Sexy Lady” clouded some judgment here.

Yes, I want to look sexy.  Yes, I want to look fit.  Yes, I want to look modern.  But hell no, do I want to come back from vacation looking like I fell asleep at an outdoor BDSM pool party!  If you’re unaware what BDSM stands for, feel free to Google search at your own risk.

So, now that my one-piece bathing suit rant is over, may I present you with my Heart’s Delight curated collection of one-piece swimsuits.  Proof that sexy and sturdy CAN coexist in harmony.

Stella Compiseno The Heart's Delight

1) Strapless Ruffled Maillot Swimsuit / 2) Suboo Floral Print Bustier One Piece Swimsuit / 3) Zinke Starboard One Piece Swimsuit / 4) Wildfox Florida Garden One Piece Swimsuit / 5) Gottex Swim One-Piece Serengeti Surplice Swimsuit / 6) Sauipe Swimwear Adele One Piece / 7) ASOS Pansy Floral Cupped Swimsuit / 8) White Bandeau Swimsuit / 9) ASOS Contrast Panel Belted Bandeau Swimsuit /10) Tori Praver Swimwear California One Piece Swimsuit / 11) Tory Burch Lipsi underwired swimsuit

What will YOU be wearing poolside this summer?



Style Chameleon- The White Button Down

It’s Monday morning at “The Heart’s Delight University.”  My name is Stella, and I’ll be your instructor today.  The topic of the day is a rather mundane one- the white button down.  But don’t let that fool you!  Today’s “Style Chameleon” lesson will make something I’m sure all of you have in your closet, into something new and exciting.  Now, let’s begin!

Our subject matter- the ubiquitous white button down shirt:

Stretch perfect shirt

Everyone owns one of these… it’s time to put it to work.

For LOOK #1, our white shirt functions as an extra layer of coverage over a basic tank.  Whether you need protection from sun, summer AC blasts, or just want a bit more modesty, leave the shirt open, roll up the sleeves and you’re ready to go! 

White Shirt- Playground Momma
1) J.Crew top
2) J.Crew cami top
3) Ray-Ban green sunglasses
5) Merona Flat pump shoes
7) Toy Watch green jewelry
LOOK #2 gives a standard cotton maxi dress a little bit more interest.  In this case, I recommend tying the bottom of the shirt at the waist for a little more definition for any body type.  Again, roll up those sleeves for a casual, cool look.
White Shirt- Lady Who Lunches
1)  J.Crew j crew shirt
2)  BaubleBar nautical jewelry
3) Tory Burch leather shoulder bag
4) Vince Camuto shoes
5) Michael Stars dress
Lastly, LOOK #3 lets the white shirt stand on it own and helps focus attention to where it really matters- YOU (and that fabulous party skirt).  Pop that collar up, unbutton the top few buttons and let the shirt frame your smokey eyed makeup look.
White Shirt - Hot Momma
1)  J.Crew j crew shirt
2)  BaubleBar opal jewelery
3) L.K.Bennett vintage sandals
4) Milly skirt
5) Chanel matte eye shadow
So class, as you can see, that white shirt in your closet can take you from day-to-night with little effort and a few accessories.  Not so mundane anymore, huh?
Any questions?!