THE BEST: T-Shirts

the best tshirts the hearts delight james perse vince old navy zoe karssen

A good t-shirt might just be the most important, most overlooked item you have in your closet.  It’s probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you own, it’s machine washable, and relatively inexpensive.  You can wear it running errands, going to the beach, on a date, to yoga class, essentially anywhere.  Just by switching up the fit, the styling and the cut a little t-shirt can go from day-to-night.  I take my t-shirts very seriously.

Over the years, I’ve narrowed down my favorite t-shirt brands and cuts (I’m partial to a slightly looser fit with a wide scoop, or v-neck).  I’ve learned that a cotton/modal blend vs. straight up 100% cotton will drape perfectly to accentuate your figure.  That fabric also feels devine against your skin.  T-shirts also seem to hold up better, crease less and get more rotation in my wardrobe if I keep my “good” ones hung vs. folded. Live and learn, people.

The Best: t-shirts


JAMES PERSE: 1, 2, 3

ZOE KARSSEN: 1, 2, 3 (sold out, but THIS is similar & under $40!)

OLD NAVY: 1 (on SALE & under $10!), 2, 3 (this one is under $11!)

VINCE: 1 (extra 20% off today!), 2, 3

Now I know some of these shirts might be more than you’re generally willing to spend on a plain t-shirt, but here is where the finance geek in me comes out.  If you love something, you tend to wear it more, thus, the cost-per-wear of some of these items reduces exponentially.  I’d be happy to provide empirical and graphic evidence in support of my theory upon request 🙂

What are YOUR favorite tees?



4 thoughts on “THE BEST: T-Shirts

    • Crystal, the non-see thru thing is tricky! Most of the tees on the market now are really soft, flimsy, drapey (on purpose) and unfortunately, that combo doesn’t make for very opaque shirts. Occasionally, I see slightly thicker options at Banana Republic. Those shirts seem to be much more fitted with a little stretch to them. Hope that helps & thanks for reading!

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